Alok K. B. B Customers先生在班加罗尔说






安全功能,自定义和外观,这些将是三个独特的功能。Cost was not the only factor, other factors were more important service and security than the cost because the cost is just one time effect, but the daily usage needs to be more good and service part should be lot better and with thyssenkrupp we don’t find any problem with service.




I would recommend that everybody, people whose house is above the ground level like mine, where i have car parking, so it’s quite difficult or the elders to walk up & down the stairs and to move googs whatever luggage or anything like that, so lifts is an essential part of the house today. Now days we have more people coming in, lot of bags to carry around, so this helping us a lot, and as we grow older, we need lift to move around. I would definitely advice them to buy thyssenkrupp because of its features and because of its performance and its looks. So I definitely ask them to buy this.